Voluntary Action Rutland (VAR) supports and promotes local voluntary action by providing advice, information, support, training and consultation. We offer a wide range of services to members of the Rutland community and give priority to those most in need. 


VAR is based at the Rutland Community Hub, Lands’ End Way in Oakham. Many Trusts, charities, businesses, volunteers and funders have contributed both time and money to make VAR a pleasant and friendly place to meet and work.

If you would like to donate to VAR please contact us directly.

About Us

VAR can help you in the following areas:


  1. Provide you with Information and contact details of community groups and charities supporting the Rutland community. Provide information on setting up and running charity groupsFinding sources of funding.

  2. Community Engagement - Whether you are thinking of setting up a new community group or your organisation is already well established, VAR can offer advice and information. This information could be applicable to groups, small groups or individuals in the community.

  3. Room Hire for one to one meetings up to conferences for 80 people. This can include Office Services and Equipment Hire at competitive rates with discounts for charities. VAR is an ideal venue for all your meetings and events because of its central location in Rutland and excellent facilities for disabled users.  There is also easy access to public transport and free parking!

  4. Social Transport – to get you to and from appointments. Mini Bus and Car Hire with Wheel Chair access if required.